Hello! This is Steve Hicks and I’m the owner of Catering Specialties. Let me tell you a bit about myself and a little history of my business. I had been working in the food catering industry for 11yrs, as an employee and then as a partner. Gathering knowledge and experience, performing and overseeing many events I developed a passion and enjoyment working with food and people in a party atmosphere. With the desire to put my personal influence on things, Catering Specialties was born.

The company was established in 2009 and through consistently providing good food and service has to date been successfully growing and expanding the customer base. Catering Specialties has also continued to evolve and create new and exciting menus whilst focusing on mainstream popular food items that pleases most tastes. Our on-site, fresh made pizza and omelet menus continue to be our biggest sellers so in 2012 the Indian Fusion Experience was rolled out and we are delighted to say has been very well received by the communities in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas. We will always strive to improve current menus and service and present new menus and food items to our valued customers. Thank you for your interest in finding out about us. Steve Hicks.


If you’d like to join our team, work at fun events with friendly people and are available at weekends, please send us your resume and I’d be glad to consider you for a position.

– Steve Hicks, Owner