How it Works

Making A Reservation

Booking an event with us is easy: we offer set menus for you to choose from.

After deciding on an entrée you can then add a side, appetizer, dessert or all of the above.

To complete a reservation we must receive: a date, your menu choices, the address of the party, your serve time start and finish, an approximate guest count and a telephone #.

Reservations cannot be confirmed on our schedule until all the above information has been received. To guarantee your date please give us the required details a.s.a.p. Final numbers are needed at least 3 days before your event.

IMPORTANT: Cancellations received less than 10 days prior to your event will trigger a compensation charge to cover food and commitment costs: $100.00 or 30% of your anticipated total bill (whichever is the greater). Higher cancellation costs may apply to certain seasonal menus due to higher labor costs.

On Location Set Up and Service

Our fresh on-site pizza and omelet stations are somewhat unique, they require more electrical outlets than conventional set ups as the respective food items are cooked at your location. Our portable ovens (pizza) and skillets (omelets) run on standard 110 electrical current, each oven needs to be placed on a separate 20 amp circuit breaker, 2 skillets can operate on each 20 amp circuit breaker. The number of ovens or skillets needed is determined by how many guests you have attending your event. A set up area close to a kitchen is preferable (not essential) as they normally contain multiple electrical outlets on separate circuit breakers. We provide our own extension cords for plug in. (We cannot use power strips).

Our other menus are more standard consisting of self-heating warming pans and do not require multiple electrical outlets.

Our set up area should be able to contain 2-4 6ft tables (depending on how many food items you’ve ordered) for preparation and service, we provide table cloths/covering. We can work inside or out and a practical and comfortable environment is much appreciated.